3 steps to succeed in your professional orientation – By Institut Lyfe

To succeed in your career path, it is crucial to choose the training adapted to your aspirations and skills after obtaining the baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma. However, the multitude of choices of professional sectors can make this task complex, especially if you lack knowledge about the different fields of activity.

If you are looking for guidance after the baccalaureate, a BTS, a License or any other diploma, here are three essential tips to guide you in your choice of training.

Step 1: Define your professional project

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It is important to ask yourself the right questions before seeking training. For some, their vocation is clear from high school, but for others, the professional world remains unclear. So, it is important to ask yourself if you want to study for a long time, what experiences you want to have on a daily basis, what knowledge you want to acquire and what is important to you. Online quizzes and orientation tests can be a great help in getting to know yourself better.

Step 2: Identify professional worlds in line with your priorities

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Once you have identified your priorities and expectations, it is easier to target training to achieve them. For example, if you want to gain management knowledge quickly, a Bachelor's degree is a good option. If you want to travel and learn foreign languages, careers in the hotel industry are suitable. If you want to train in the culinary arts, a specialized school is the best option. A discovery internship can allow you to discover the daily life of a profession.

Step 3: Find training to achieve your goals

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There are jobs for all types of aspirations and profiles. It is important to find the most suitable schools to support us in achieving our professional goals. To do this, it is recommended to explain your ambitions to the educational leaders of your establishment, to consult platforms dedicated to guidance, to conduct research on the internet, to ask questions to those around you, to call on a career advisor. orientation and participate in open days of establishments that interest us.

Defining your professional project is a crucial step in successfully achieving your professional goals. It is important to take the time to think about your priorities, expectations, ambitions and interests to guide your training choices and give yourself the best chance of succeeding in the profession that best suits you. This can be done by using online orientation tools, attending open days and conducting in-depth research to find the ideal training course.

TFHTS member schools offer you varied and specific training in the field of culinary arts, catering and hospitality, with recognized professionals in many professions. In short, taking the time to clearly define your professional project allows you to embark on the path that best corresponds to your aspirations and to succeed in a profession that fascinates you.​

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